Router Ip Address Configuration – 192.168.l.l  is a different IP address making a number of tasks possible. It can help you configure the network properly. Here are the tasks, which you can do with the IP address. Read the details. is the default IP address, which a number of router and modem manufacturers use it as a default gateway, and some of them even use it, such that the users can access it to manage their wireless network set up, or build a network. Visiting the management console available at can easily change the address. But you should not change it unless it is very necessary to do that, as that might influence the functioning of the network. Some of the manufacturer’s event use as a default address, and it depends on the manufacturer.

Unable to access

If you need to change the settings, you should type in the browser’s address bar, and press enter. A few problems that might be encountered by you happen when the browser can’t get access to the router properly. Here are a few of the solutions to the problem. Here are the steps.

Your 1st step would be to ping In order to do that, you have to go to the start menu in case your computer is running Windows, and click on the ‘Run‘ menu. You will have to type CMD on the smart are the ones that will appear. A command window will come, and you will have to type ping Is a window, if you find the output ‘Reply from’, it refers to that your router is functioning properly. In case you find the request time out, it means your device cannot connect to the router.

Here maybe a few of the reasons:

*The TCP/IP settings of your computer are not configured in a proper way.

*Maybe your computer’s TCP/IP settings are correct and proper, but your router is connected to a modem, where a few of the settings might conflict and that stops you from accessing the router.

*A proxy set up might be working in your browser.

*The presence of a number of network interface cards giving rise to a number of TCP/IP settings, where the conflict.

*You might have entered the gateway 192.168.I.I, instead of the correct one i.e.
If the problem is solved, here are the ways to set up a wireless router, as it is found in a number of popular router manufacturers.

Step 1: connect to the network lines and also the cables.

When routers where it invented, the computers are to directly connect to the broadband Internet. But nowadays a family might have numerous computers, and thus, a router is necessary to share the broadband Internet connection. If you are using a router, but there isn’t any wireless function, your 1st step would be to connect the cable your Ethernet cable to the transport of the router by making it sure that another end is connected to your computer.

After the cables a plant, the router will use a green indicator light, in a blinking state. If the indicator doesn’t glow, or the color is red, there might be a number of connection problems. You have to recheck your cables or use a different one.

Step 2: wireless settings of the router

1st you to open a web browser, and enter in the address bar to open the management interface of the router. After that, a small pop-up box will appear, where you will have to enter the administrative username and the password. After that, you should select setup Wizard, and select the correct access modes which are generally PPPOE are static IP address.

PPPOE: It is the most common modes of Internet access, which is set up with a username and the password, which is often from the Internet service provider to get access to the Internet. ADSL networks are used for the purpose. Static IP address: Internet service provider sometimes provides a fixed IP address, followed by a particular gateway and DNS. A number of fiber-optic networks also you static IP addresses.

Your next step would be to set up a name and password for your wireless signal or Wi-Fi.

Click on the setup Wizard related to the settings, where you can find the settings namely channel, mode, security options, SSID and other similar settings. SSID is the name of the router, while people will search for wireless signals and you can easily change it gives it a name you like or you can keep it default. At wireless settings section, you need to choose the proper security mode and enter a password that will be used to access the Wi-Fi. Always choose WPA2-PSK as your security mode, as that is the best security you can get. You always good to choose a complex password.

After you completed all the steps, time has come that you restart your router, and visit the configuration page i.e. been again. at the beginning, you might see the IP address, but you should wait before your computer against the IP address for connecting to the Internet.

Some of the routers also come with DHCP servers, which will automatically assign an IP address for you, and it would work on both the ends.

Collecting to devices with router

The above steps are meant for going online from the computer. But the steps are pretty simple for getting access from your mobile devices as well. Such for wireless signals from your device, and connect to your Wi-Fi SSID by entering the password.

Steps to follow if you forget password

It is very easy and you have to 1st restarted your router. You will have to reset the router settings by using a small pain in the routers whole in order to restore the default settings. You can get the username and password configured to ‘admin’, in order to change the settings again.